Hi I am Miss Bright Innocent

I am a Fearless Real Estate Investor with a lot of Experience.

Experience from my parents Mistakes, you see, while we were Growing Up, my parents were Well to do, they Had more than Enough to feed and also to invest, my Mother brought Up the Idea of Buying and Investing in some Properties at that time, they where Offers made but my Dad Ruled Against it, They were plans of Aquiring lands from Lekki and ikoyi in the Year 2000 and 2005 but my dad said that it was too swampy and the other property I know about is One very Close to Our place where a School is Builit on Right now.

To Cut the Long story Short, my parents After 20yrs of staying in Lagos state did not Own a property in Lagos state and my Dad regrets that decision till Date, because he Knew what he Lost.

Myself during my 2nd year in school I did a Small business that fetched me little money, not knowing what to do with this money I decided to Buy a property in Awka Unizik with my small 200thousand naira and In my service Year my Mama needed Money urgently, I sold that property, I sold On Distress because I was in Quick need of Fund, I got 1million naira from the sales and it made very Happy, and then It clicked, At that point I knew what I needed to do, at that point I knew the Problem i wanted to solve in the Society, I Had a Solution at hand and then I started to looking for more problems to Solve.

My Solution is property investment in Choice Areas, ” Great location” I am not particular about Buy and Build, I am More interested in long term investment Plan. That’s where my Goal lies

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